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Pediatric Orthodontics:
A Happy Smile Starts Early

With a focus on gentle, attentive care, we guide your child’s smile through every growth spurt, because their well-being is our priority.

Start Early So They Benefit Early

Get Your Little One Treated by the Best Kids Orthodontist Near You at White Plains or New York, NY

Ensuring your child’s teeth develop correctly during their formative years is crucial to avoid extensive orthodontic work or surgeries later. We specialize in a child-centric Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment at White Plains and New York, NY, which is designed to straighten teeth and establish a functional bite early on. This is a recommended approach as orthodontic treatments are most effective while the jaw is still developing. Opting for early intervention ensures that when their adult teeth erupt, there is no overcrowding; nor do they face challenges in the proper development of their dental arch.
Wondering When is the Right Time?

7 Years is the Earliest Age For Your Child to Get
an Orthodontic Check-Up

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, age 7 is key for an orthodontic check-up because:

Permanent molars and front teeth start to erupt.

Allows for early detection of issues like crowding, crossbite, jaw shifts, and habits.

Timely corrections can be made to ensure healthy dental development.

Success in Smiles

A Parent’s Perspective:
The Impact of Early Orthodontic Intervention With Us

Your Child’s Smile Journey

We Make Your Child's
3-Step Orthodontic Journey As Effortless as Their Laugh

Early Beginnings, Brighter Futures

Phase One:
Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment to Guide Your Little One’s Smile

The interceptive orthodontic treatment or Phase One, marks the beginning of your child's journey toward a healthy, aligned smile. The goal of this phase is to make your child’s comprehensive treatment shorter and more efficient. It involves employing various oral appliances, like partial braces and palatal expanders, which we at Central Park North Orthodontics, NY, tailor to your child’s specific dental needs.

  • How Long Does it Take?

    Spanning 6-12 months, Phase One is instrumental in establishing a robust foundation for the proper growth and eruption of permanent teeth.

  • Is This Treatment Mandatory For My Child?

    Not all kids require Phase One Treatment, but in certain cases, it proves to be immensely beneficial. For example, early orthodontic treatment may be recommended for children with a narrow upper jaw, addressing this issue before it leads to more complex concerns.

  • What Commonly Occurring Problems Does Phase One Solve for Your Kid?

    • Protruding or crowding of teeth
    • Crossbites, overbites and underbites
    • Early or late loss of baby teeth
    • Harmful oral habits like thumb-sucking
    • Speech difficulties
    • Imbalanced facial symmetry

A Time for Growth

The Resting Phase: Letting Your Little One’s Teeth Erupt Naturally

During the Resting Period following Phase One, we observe as your child's remaining permanent teeth emerge, often better positioned, thanks to early treatment. Retainers may be used to preserve these Phase One improvements, ensuring a seamless transition to future phases.

The Last Mile to a Happy Smile

Phase Two:
Where Every Little Tooth Finds Its Perfect Place

Following the Resting Phase, Phase Two of your child’s orthodontic treatment focuses squarely on perfecting your child's smile with detailed alignment and spacing adjustments. This crucial stage employs full braces on both the upper and lower teeth, fine-tuning the alignment to achieve not just aesthetic perfection but also a functional bite.

  • How Long Does it Take?

    Typically recommended for children aged 11-15, this phase lasts about 12-20 months, culminating in a smile that's not only beautiful but also healthy and functional.

  • What Can You Expect During Your Child’s Phase Two Orthodontic Treatment?

    • Comprehensive Bracing

      Utilizing full braces or clear aligners to correct alignment and bite issues comprehensively.
    • Customized Treatment Plans

      Each child’s treatment is tailored, with applicable options that suit your child’s dental needs.
    • Shorter, Easier Process

      Previous interceptive treatment simplifies Phase Two, often reducing the need for additional appliances and shortening treatment time.
    • Lasting Results

      Retainers may be prescribed post-treatment to maintain the beautiful results.
Treatment Options for Phase Two

Personalized Orthodontic Solutions for Kids at White Plains & New York, NY

Braces for Kids

Traditional yet modern solutions for aligning kids’ teeth.

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Invisalign® for Kids

A discreet, effective alternative to metal braces to fit your child’s schedule.

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Surgical Orthodontics for Kids

Advanced procedures for complex dental issues faced by children.

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Foundations for the Future

The Long-Term Advantages of Early Orthodontic Intervention

Foundational Growth

Establishes proper jawbone and teeth development, setting the stage for your child’s permanent teeth.

Injury Prevention

Lowers the risk of tooth and jaw injury, protecting your child's oral health.

Speech Improvement

Decreases the risk of speech problems for your child, aiding in clearer communication.

Future Savings

Reduces the likelihood of your child needing extensive and costly orthodontic treatments later.

Confidence Boost

Even after the first phase, noticeable improvements can significantly elevate a child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Oral Health

Lessens chances of cavities, teeth grinding, and gum diseases, promoting overall dental wellness for your child.

Exceptional Outcomes

Maximizes your child’s potential for a healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile that lasts a lifetime.

Your Child’s Smile, Our Passion

Why Choose Us for Your Child’s Orthodontic Journey?

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Get All The Clarity You Need

Not all children require early orthodontic treatment; the necessity varies based on individual dental and skeletal development. Early intervention allows us to correct some problems more efficiently and effectively than waiting until all of a child’s permanent teeth have erupted or their skeletal growth is complete. However, some conditions are best treated after your child has experienced more growth.
Early treatment doesn’t always eliminate the need for braces later, but it can shorten and simplify future treatment. Our orthodontist will develop a customized plan based on your child’s unique needs.
The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists recommends an orthodontic evaluation at age 7 to spot potential issues early. Treatment typically starts between ages 9 to 14, tailored to each child’s unique dental development and needs. This approach ensures timely and effective care, leveraging periods of growth for optimal results.
Yes, children can receive Invisalign® treatment. Invisalign® offers specially designed clear aligners for kids, known as Invisalign® First, suitable for children as young as 7 years old. These are customized to accommodate growing jaws and evolving dental needs.
Yes, early treatment can address developing issues like jaw misalignment or overcrowded teeth at a stage when interventions can be more effective and less invasive, potentially preventing more serious problems later.
Signs your child might benefit from early treatment include loss of baby teeth much earlier or later than average, difficulty chewing or biting, mouth breathing, thumb sucking beyond age five, crowded or misplaced teeth, or noticeable jaw misalignment.
It’s never too late to get an orthodontic evaluation. While the recommended age for a first visit is 7, older children and teenagers can still benefit greatly from orthodontic treatment. An initial consultation will help us determine the best course of action.
The duration for wearing retainers varies. Initially, your child might need to wear them full time for several months, transitioning to nighttime wear thereafter. We’ll provide a personalized plan to ensure their new smile lasts a lifetime.
Yes, depending on the case, alternatives like Invisalign® might be suitable for your child. During the consultation, we’ll discuss all available options and recommend the best solution for your child’s needs.
During your child’s first visit, we’ll conduct a thorough examination, discuss any concerns, and outline potential treatment plans. This visit is crucial for understanding your child’s orthodontic needs and how we can achieve the best results.
The good news is that with a little planning, your child can absolutely keep participating in their favorite activities even while undergoing orthodontic treatment!
  • Sports: If your child plays sports, we recommend using a properly fitted orthodontic mouthguard to protect their braces during practices and games. If they wear Invisalign® aligners, they can easily remove them while playing.
  • Music: For young musicians, Invisalign® can be a great option because the aligners are removable. This allows them to take them out comfortably while playing their instrument without any interference.

Is Your Child 7 or Older?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the perfect time for a first orthodontic visit is at age 7. This crucial check-up can unveil early signs of:
An early checkup is an investment in your child’s future smile. Don’t wait until it’s too late!