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Smile Simulation: Preview Your Future Smile in Minutes

Don’t imagine – get a peek at how your beautiful smile will look before you commit to your Invisalign® treatment.
Tomorrow Begins Today

No Guesswork, Just Confidence With iTero® Digital Scanner

At White Plains and New York, NY, we’ve embraced the iTero® Digital Scanner which is a cornerstone of our Smile Simulation process, to elevate your orthodontic experience. This approach allows you to preview your post-treatment smile before starting your Invisalign® journey. The state-of-the-art device captures digital impressions of your teeth and mouth to create an accurate 3D model. No discomfort, no pleasant taste in your mouth that comes with traditional impressions. With iTero®, we formulate a tailored treatment plan for your smile goals.

Our Patients Speak: Experiencing the Difference in Orthodontic Care With Us

How iTero® Works

The 5-Step iTero® Process from Scan to Smile at Central Park North Orthodontics, NY

Digital Capture

Quickly and comfortably, the iTero® handheld wand scans your teeth, capturing thousands of precise images in just minutes. This completely bypasses the need for traditional, messy dental impressions.

Instant 3D Model

Images transform into a precise 3D model of your mouth instantly, allowing us to assess your dental structure down to the minutest detail. This sets the stage for personalized treatment planning.

Personalized Treatment Planning

Utilizing the 3D model, we meticulously plan each movement of your teeth. Whether you're a candidate for Invisalign® or another treatment, we tailor the plan to fit your unique smile perfectly.

Preview Your Future Smile

Before any treatment begins, you'll get to preview the expected outcome. The iTero® scanner eliminates all anticipation, providing you with a view of how your smile will look after the conclusion of your treatment.

Customized Orthodontic Care

With a clear roadmap in place, we initiate your customized treatment plan. As your treatment progresses, we continue to use iTero® for ongoing adjustments towards the perfect smile.

The iTero® Benefit For Smile Simulation

No Goop, No Gagging. Just Easy & Accurate Impressions of Your Teeth

See Clearly, Decide Confidently

Dive into your dental journey with transparency. iTero® brings your future smile into focus today, ensuring you're fully onboard with every step of your transformation.

Fast-Track to Your Future Smile

Forget the wait. iTero® scans zip through in minutes, fast-forwarding you to the next steps of your smile journey without the hold-up of traditional molds.

Comfort in Every Scan

Say hello to a mess-free, stress-free scanning experience. iTero® makes dental impressions a breeze, letting you breathe easy and stay comfy.

Precision, Perfected

Expect nothing less than perfection. iTero®'s pinpoint precision helps craft Invisalign® aligners, implants, bridges and crowns that fit flawlessly, ensuring your path to a perfect smile is smooth.

Safe Impressions, Happy Smiles

With iTero®, you have nothing to worry about. Radiation-free and worry-free, it's safe to use at any point in life, even if you are an expecting mother.

No Retakes, No Rework

Traditional impressions warrant a retake in some cases which is painful and inconvenient. iTero® guarantees a one-time take which is accurate.


Questions? We Are Always Here to Help

The iTero® scanner uses advanced digital technology to create accurate 3D models of your teeth without the discomfort and mess of traditional plaster impressions. It’s quick, precise, and completely digital, enhancing patient comfort and treatment planning.
Yes, the iTero® scanner is versatile and can be used for a wide range of orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign®. Its precision makes it suitable for creating detailed models for various orthodontic devices, ensuring a custom fit for every patient.
An iTero® scan is remarkably fast, typically taking only a few minutes to complete. This efficiency significantly reduces appointment times and enhances the overall patient experience.
Absolutely, the iTero® scanner is radiation-free and safe for all patients, including pregnant women. It’s designed to be a low-risk, comfortable option for creating dental impressions.
The iTero® scanner’s accuracy ensures that Invisalign® aligners fit perfectly, enhancing treatment effectiveness and comfort. It also allows patients to preview their post-treatment smile, providing a clear visual of the expected results and increasing confidence in the treatment plan.

See Your
Future Smile, Now!

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